Jim Ross Blogs His WWE Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View Predictions

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has published a new blog on JrsBarBq.com predicting Sunday’s Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. Here is an excerpt on the predictions.

Pre Show on YouTube will see the yet to be dubbed duo of Tensai and Brodus Clay dance their way to a victory over Rhodes Scholars who are allegedly going to embark on their own, solo careers.

I see Kaitlyn retaining her Divas Title vs. Tamina. Tamina has just begun to tap into her potential. However, I see a significant title run for Kaitlyn, who feels unique to me, and continues to improve her in ring presentation.

Obviously @MiketheMiz is looking to get his career regenerated as a fan favorite but Miz, simply to me, is a natural antagonist. Nonetheless in a bout for the US Title I’m going with @AntonioCesaro for the win but I’m also not going to be shocked if Miz wins via Figure Four leg lock.

World heavyweight Champion @VivaDelRio Alberto Del Rio feels to be building more momentum daily but he also could arguably be the underdog going into his WHC defense against the mammoth Big Show. I see ADR winning a close one using more resourcefulness than physicality but, as has been proven, Big Show is simply one right hand away from winning any match in which he’s involved.

The Elimination Chamber is a unique animal. I think that I called the first one back in the day and I find this apparatus to be provocative and intriguing. In other words, I like the format. It provides 6 men the opportunity to all step into the spotlight and to be illuminated. Who takes advantage of the moment is up to the individual and how well they execute.

The match is 100% physically grueling and takes it toll on all that enter. As I’ve said on occasion, one doesn’t learn how to safely fall onto steel that awaits on the outside of the ring. Each man just has to grit their teeth and grow a set when it comes to assaulting the steel. I don’t see any of the six taking any short cuts around the inevitable physicality and discomfort that awaits.

Honestly, a viable argument can be made, some more than others, obviously, that any one of the 6 contestants could be deemed the winner. All 6 men will likely be on the WM29 card but the difference in the pay day for being in a main event, World Title bout or not is significant. Very significant.

Even though I get plenty of negative feedback on our Q&A’s, much akin to taking a long car trip with Nancy Grace, regarding my confidence in my fellow Oklahoman Jack Swagger who now has a new addition to his TV persona in Zeb Colter. I recruited Swagger from OU where he was a two time, Wrestling All American for the #Sooners and I know what type of legit athlete that he is. He has shown flashes of brilliance, sporadically, in WWE early in his career but arguably @RealJackSwagger has been admittedly inconsistent as many young guys are prone to be. Nonetheless I still have belief in the kid who used to sit on my couch in our home in Norman and talk about a potential WWE career. Is it Swagger’s time to win a career defining match? I’m saying yes but the odds are long. Perhaps I’m picking more with my heart than my head but I’m taking Swagger for the win Sunday on PPV in the Elimination Chamber.

Speaking from actually in ring experience I can testify that Swagger doesn’t know his own strength and his length and leverage advantage, among other physical traits, makes him a beast. Athletically, there’s not a better in ring talent in WWE but to be a main event level WWE main eventer takes more than simply being a great athlete.

The Elimination Chamber will have five men in it that will not win, see what a math whiz that I am, but I see all five of the non winners having the opportunity to have superb nights in #NOLA. Who will outshine the others ? Who will seize the opportunity to steal some spotlight? Who wants a higher spot on the WM29 card?

WWE has three, big powerful protagonists in @JohnCena, @WWESheamus. and @Ryback22 that I feel that few fans see actually losing Sunday. On paper, the trio of heroes are seemingly bullet proof especially on the last PPV prior to rolling into WM29 where all three are expected to pay major roles especially Cena who will face the WWE Champion in a mega money bout.

So, I’m going out on the old, proverbial limb here and picking @TheShield to prevail by hook or crook this Sunday on PPV in an upset.

In my opinion, this is a much bigger match for @TheShield than for their adversaries. With that said and if that is remotely accurate perhaps @DeanAmbrose, @WWERollins, and @RomanReigns will bring more of a sense of urgency and a willingness to do what ever it takes to leave #NOLA as the winners.

TheRock vs. @CMPunk is the featured, main event of the Elimination Chamber PPV and I’m intrigued by it. I want to see what new wrinkles each man adds from their one on one bout that saw Rock win the @WWE Title at the Royal Rumble. I assure you that Punk will bring ‘new’ and I’m curious to see if Rock does as well or if he’s confident in playing a pat hand.

Both men will obviously be involved at WM29, if healthy, but the difference in roles means the difference in LOTS of cash. The big money here is on Rock to prevail and roll into WM29 as the headliner as he did last year helping make WM28 extraordinarily successful. Having a bona fide, successful, movie star as WWE Champion is a marketers dream but Punk isn’t a dreamer. I’m anxious to see who officiates this match…I was in Montreal in ’97. Any thing can happen in three seconds. Punk appears to be in better, actual wrestling shape, and understandably so, therefore I’d suggest Punk extend Rock as far as humanly possible. See what’s in the ‘Great One’s’ tank. The longer the match goes it would seem the more that it favors the challenger.

I have high expectations for this return bout on Sunday and will be disappointed if it doesn’t eclipse what we saw in Phoenix a few weeks ago. I enjoyed the Rumble bout as I have said but the 2nd go around should be improved upon the first…in my personal opinion.

With all that said, and not knowing how @HeymanHustle will impact this bout, I have to go with the majority and pick the Rock to retain but I honestly don’t think that it will be easy or without controversy.

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