Jim Ross Comments On The Undertaker’s WrestleMania Streak Being Broken

Good Ol’ Jim Ross updated the Q&A section over on his website where a fan asked if The Undertaker’s streak should ever be broken. He replied.

“I’m not a fan of a The Streak ever be broken. It’s not torch passing material.”

Here are some other highlights from the Q&A –

On whether he was surprised by the quality of past Undertaker-Batista matches: “Not really. Both are big money players. They had chemistry. Taker’s extraordinarily special. Dave’s a beast. Great combo.”

On Hulk Hogan’s participation at WrestleMania XXX: “I see Hulk in a tag before him doing a singles bout w/ a wrecked back.”

On the possibility of a WWE Divas Tag-Team Championship: “At the moment, I’m not overjoyed by the potential of a Divas Tag Championship but I’m willing to see how it evolves over time if it happens.”