Jim Ross Discusses Announce Chemistry, Austin DVD, Ring Of Honor

Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official website. Below are the highlights:

Three man announce teams are challenging no matter the talents involved or the product in which they are broadcasting. Now that King, Cole and I have gotten our collective feet wet, things will naturally evolve.

BTW I talked to @steveaustinBSR today and we will be narrating, I think, three bouts that the ‘Rattlesnake’ has selected for his new DVD. I’m not sure of what bouts that we will be doing but I think that they will all be Wrestlemania bouts. Steve and I will be attempting to provide a very unique perspective to the fans regarding the mindset, strategy, emotions, etc of these big match moments. I’m really looking forward to doing this project and hopefully getting a peek at the rough cut of the DVD which I think is going to be exceptional.

Does WWE have a ‘deal’ with ROH? I don’t know what type of ‘deal’ the inquiring person was inferring to but I know of zero ‘deals’ between the companies. For the record, I wish ROH great success and am anxious to see what type of product that they produce and the stars that they develop.