Jim Ross On Who Stole The Show On RAW, Los Matadores, Working On Show Ideas & More

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has posted his latest blog on his website jrsbarbq.com. Below are some of the highlights:

His thoughts on Dusty Rhodes on Monday’s RAW: “Great example of less is more on Raw w/ Dusty Rhodes soundbyte promo. Perfect example if maximizing one’s minutes on TV. Dream is gifted plus his tag team w/ Dic Murdoch was one of the best duos ever. You Tube them.”

On the debut of the new tag team Los Matadores: Looks as if the new duo of Los Matadores and their mascot El Torito might make a nice, kid’s attraction w/ ample merchandise ideas. TBD.

Who stole the show on RAW prior to Battleground PPV?: Thought both CM Punk and Paul Heyman stole the show on Raw Monday night. What they did/said overshadowed everyone else on the final Raw before Sunday’s PPV.

On the release of “The Legends of Mid South Wrestling” DVD: Still getting great feedback from fans who’ve watched the WWE produced DVD, “The Legends of Mid South Wrestling” despite the lack of on sir TV support. WWE did a superb job on this presentation. Yes, I’m biased as Mid South is essentially where I launched my career.

WWE’s partnership with Susan G. Komen: Bravo to WWE for working with the Susan Komen Foundation to find a cure for breast cancer. My wife lost her Mom to this disease earlier this year so this is a cause close to our hearts.

His plans for 2014: Working on some interesting ideas for my one man show concept that will kickoff in 2014.