Jim Ross Q&A On Who Benefited Most Working With Paul Heyman, JR DVD Set & More

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his Q&A section on JrsBarBq.com. Here are some questions answered.

If we will ever see a best of Jim Ross DVD set: I’d be up for doing one but that’s a WWE call all the way. Not sure it would sell.

Who benefited the most working with Paul Heyman: Better question is who hasn’t benefited from working with Paul Heyman? I’d suggest Brock Lesnar has benefited the most considering Brock’s schedule.

Are wrestlers responsible for carrying their championship titles: Champions are responsible for the upkeep of their titles but spares are available if one is misplaced. Smart wrestlers never check the titles on planes.

Thoughts on WCW Saturday night announcer Rubarb Jones and is he still around: Really a talented, nice man. I’ve lost contact with him but did you try Googling him?

IF JBL or Kevin Nash will ever wrestle again for WWE: Not too likely.