Jim Ross Q&A: Opponent For The Rock, Dream Match, MMA As Olympic Sport & More

Jim Ross updated his Q&A section on JrBarBq.com. Here are a few highlights.

The differences with wrestling companies: Leadership, resources, infrastructure, networks, upper management.

Who he would like to see face The Rock at the 2013 Royal Rumble: CM Punk.

If MMA should be an Olympic sport: Personally, I’d love it.

His personal dream match: Undertaker vs Lesnar for one. Rock vs HBK. Cena vs Austin. Rock vs Undertaker.

Thoughts on the Undertaker and Kane reunion on Raw 1000th: Enjoyed the nostalgia…likely a one off deal I’m guessing.

Thoughts on the current WWE product: I’d personally enjoy seeing more athletic skills featured, more physicality and drama.

Favorite WWE Diva: Actually several that I like specifically the ones w/ solid, in ring skills.

Chances of Mae Young’s son, the hand, becoming WWE champion by the end of 2012? About as good as your’s or mine…highly unlikely.

Type of match which are hardest to call: Royal Rumble was the most challenging bout to call or a cold bout between two guys phoning it in.