Jim Ross Says CM Punk vs. Steve Austin Isn’t Likely, If He Was Drunk At WWE 2K14 Panel, More

Jim Ross has updated his Q&A section of his website. Check out the highlights:

On whether he was drunk at the WWE 2K14 symposium: “I wasn’t but thanks for asking.”

On Daniel Bryan not holding the WWE Title for more than a minute: “I think Bryan is more popular today than he ever has been. I’ll enjoy the chase.”

On if Bill Watts ever owned a part of Georgia Championship Wrestling, and talent-sharing in those days: “WATTS at one time owned a piece of Georgia. Talent trades were not unusual in those days either way. JYD & others wrestled in Atlanta.”

On the Undertaker’s reaction after Hell In A Cell match at King Of The Ring 1998: “That was 15 years ago. I really don’t recall. He was likely spent.”

On the odds of a Steve Austin vs. CM Punk match: “Seems like that ship has sailed but I’m merely guessing. I’d love to see it.”

On politics in WWE: “I think politics are overrated and discussed usually on hearsay & by disgruntled individuals. Cream always rises to the top w/ few exceptions.”

On wrestling newsletters back in the day: “Newsletters weren’t a big topic of open discussion back in the day. Most guys tried to distance themselves from wrestling while traveling.”

On who will replace John Cena as the face of WWE: “I’d say Daniel Bryan is next man up. Don’t see Streak launching a new face of WWE.”

On if Owen Hart will ever be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame: “Likely so. Don’t know when.”

On Ronnie Garvin: “Ronnie was a tough, highly skilled, intelligent in ring talent. Also a pilot. I thought the sharpshooter was a Japanese submission.”

On past WWE Divas in the new WWE 2K14 video game: “I’m not aware of the Diva involvement. Sorry.”