Jim Ross Surgery Update, Fan Arrested AT SD Tapings & More

– After undergoing successful stomach surgery on Wednesday, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ros wrote the following on Twitter regarding the procedure:

“Surgery done. 11 staples used, came home, bleeding restarted, back to doc & now resting @ home. Sore but will be ok. Thx 2 all.”

— The WWE website announced this week that Tough Enough winner Andy Leavine will not be headed to the main roster any time soon, but instead will begin training at the company’s developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling.

– Former high school coach Joseph Simone, 22, was arrested at Tuesday night’s WWE SmackDown tapings in Providence, Rhode Island for impersonating a State Trooper. Simone was arrested earlier this year on charges of child pornography, solicitation and extortion.

– The May 23rd episode of WWE RAW was the most-DVD’d episode of RAW ever, with 458,000 homes recording the show for later viewing. Factoring in the viewers who recorded the show, the 3.4 rating that RAW scored that night actually gets bumped put to around a 3.86.

(Partial Source: Wrestling Observer)