Jim Ross Talks About AW & Ivelisse Vélez’s Releases From WWE

Jim Ross talks about the recent WWE releases of AW and WWE developmental talent Ivelisse Vélez in his latest blog.

“AW’s release was unfortunate,” Ross admitted. “He’s a talented guy who made a costly mistake. One door closes another opens. I hope AW regroups and finds success. Speaking from experience, one has to put issues such as this behind them and move positively forward. I wish AW the best.

“Same goes for Sofia who I really liked, too. Only advice I’d provide both talents is to move forward and depend on their skills and passion to find happiness and success. Life deals all of us challenging hands.”

  • Stephen S Wilson

    Why are all the black talent having problems and aredelt with more severely that the other talents. I have see so much offensive stuff that has went on before this which what AW did was tame compared to what the others did, but just like in the racist society the black men/women are held to another standard with zero tolerance compared t whites. I no longer will watch WWE/KKK