Jim Ross Talks Future E:60 Episode, Helping The Rock, Daniel Bryan & WrestleMania

Former WWE Announcer Jim Ross went through an “ESPN Car Wash” recently to promote “RINGSIDE: An Evening with Jim Ross, a speaking event where he talks to audiences about stories inside and outside the pro wrestling world. Here are some of the highlights:

On working with E:60 for a future story that provides an inside look at WWE…

“I’m expecting a masterpiece. [ E:60 producers] were allowed crazy access. . . [Producer] Ben Houser became a student of the business. I was very impressed with Ben. He asked great questions.”

On helping Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Brock Lesnar transition from star college athletes to pro wrestling superstars…

“The Rock was a unique case because The Rock’s grandfather [Peter Maivia] and father [Rocky Johnson] were both pro wrestlers. He had a familiarity with the business in general… He was a third-generation guy and was also had a college degree at Miami who was also broke. You had a bright, broke guy who was also very motivated. I signed The Rock and really felt like he was going to be exceptional from Day 1. The best example would be Brock Lesnar. He came out of the University of Minnesota as a national champion All-American wrestler. He came from a farm in South Dakota. He didn’t go to the ‘U’. He didn’t grow up in the sizzle world of pro wrestling. He was a dairy farmer’s son. So getting him to develop his personality and release his natural charisma was something that took a little bit effort on his part. . . The biggest thing you work on is their personality, their TV presence. He finally got it.”

On his vision of an ideal scenario for Daniel Bryan in WrestleMania…

“I would make sure Daniel Bryan left WrestleMania with his “moment.” Every star in WWE wants to have a WrestleMania moment – meaning some bucket list dream as a professional to go to WrestleMania and steal the show. In a perfect world, just for me , Daniel Bryan would leave WWE [as] World Champion. . . Right now, Randy Orton is the champion. As the deck is currently dealt, it would be Daniel Bryan somehow against Randy Orton.

Or, maybe, if you really wanted to have some fun with it, you’d make it a Triple Threat Match. You have two villains – Batista [versus] Randy Orton versus Daniel Bryan. Three guys against each other. First man to score a pinfall or submission wins. The two big villains and the smaller overachieving hero. In my storytelling world, we’d have a happy ending.”

You can watch a video of Jim Ross on ESPN 2’s “Highly Questionable” with Dan Le Batard and Bomani Jones below: