Jim Ross Discusses Raw From Chicago, Compares CM Punk To Steve Austin, Future Projects & More

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has posted his latest blog on jrsbarbq.com. Below are the highlights:

Raw recollections from Chicago:

“Amazing crowd. Fun to listen to them. Noise is infectious… Daniel Bryan is red hot. It’s SO time to harness that elusive emotion. Bryan’s in ring skills & his viable 2nd gear are money. Fans want him to succeed. Hope they get their wish.

11 on 3 mismatch in the favor of the ‘good guys’ was most unique. It actually ended up well. Spotlight on Bryan but others got some positive minutes too. Exceeded my expectations for the concept. Thought the Shield had good outings/exposure throughout the night.

CM Punk had an awesome night in his hometown. He felt more like Stone Cold than I can ever recall. Home field advantage didn’t hurt. Who’s a better wrestling villain than Paul Heyman? The line between good & evil is more blurred than ever on WWE TV. Except for Heyman.

The personal issue involving the Rhodes family certainly is fun to follow. The ability for any wrestling creative entity to provide fans w/ personal issues is an elusive skill. Bill Watts was great at it back in Mid South days.”

Being a guest on Steve Austin’s podcast:

“We had another fun BS session. Proud of The Texas Rattlesnake and plan on going deer hunting w/ him on his Texas ranch this fall. I’ve got plenty of spare time :)”

His retirement and future plans:

“Interesting days lie a head for yours truly. I’m in no rush to get back to work. Having some interesting irons in the fire. But for now it’s football time in Oklahoma.”