Jim Ross Tweets Throughout WWE Over The Limit PPV

Jim Ross was tweeting throughout Sunday’s WWE Over The Limit pay-per-view. Here are tweets from Jim Ross reacting to the PPV:

Unique start to OLT…impromptu battle royal…winner gets IC or US Title bout tonight. @RealKingRegal surprising entrant.

Tyson Kidd reminds me somewhat of Dynamite Kid back in the day. He’s going to be a star. Good to see the veteran Christian on PPV.

This ‘People Power’ thing makes me somewhat nauseous. Who hired this man?! Oh, wait…never mind. :)

If Swagger & Ziggler don’t get it done tonight for WWE Tag Titles, they need to bag the duo biz….IMO.

What do I want from Swagger & Ziggler? Badass aggression! Physicality! Excellent tag title bout. Maximizing minutes.

Excellent tag title bout. Kofi electrifying at right time. Nice stuff. Kofi/Truth evolving.

Fatal 4Ways provide intriguing scenarios. Unpredictability. I’ve seen some great ones over the years.

Helluva Fatal 4 Way at OTL. Great effort…aggression..execution. I loved the pace. Congrats to all. THAT’s maximizing one’s minutes.

Miz is seemingly Oh for 2012. Nice splash Brodus.

Back in the day in Tulsa, if Hawkins & Reks had gone in the crowd to take what didn’t belong to them, they’d not have walked out unbruised.

This IC Title bout should be really good. Christian underrated & Rhodes has ‘it.’ great pairing.

Nice return for @Christian4Peeps….new, IC Champ. Cody will regroup.

@CMPunk vs @wwedanielbryan has the live audience emotionally invested. Get loud! Love watching the strategy unfold. Serious business.

Keep an eye on all the strikes in this WWE Title bout. Then…submissions. Ah, Utopia…

Nice Macho Man elbow off top by @CMPunk. F’N @wwedanielbryan is badass. Helluva WRESTLING match in progress.

Give em more time! Most decisions in 30 or 60 minutes! @CMPunk retains by eyelash. @wwedanielbryan freakish..Punk best in the world.

Funkhauser vs Cena…now..wife is LOL’ing.

Big Johnny beats John Cena thx to a Big Show giant right hand. Big Johnny wins by knockout.

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