Jimmy Hart Talks About Legends House, Brodus Clay Reacts To Attacking Tensai, WWE Raw News

Newsday.com recently spoke to WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Hart to promote The History of WWE DVD. He commented on the Legends House reality show that’s expected to air on the WWE Network:

“It’s probably one of the greatest things I was ever a part of in my life, with all the legends together. When we were on the road we never spent a lot of time together. But we were in the house for over a month, and it was just a great experience for me to go through that, it really was.”

– Brodus Clay teased going after the WWE World Heavyweight Title on Twitter during last night’s RAW. Clay also tweeted after attacking Tensai:

– Stephanie McMahon hosted Dr. Judy A. Salerno, President and CEO of Susan G. Komen, and members of her staff at Monday night’s RAW in Dallas.

  • Jim Foreman

    Brodus Clay cannot spell.