Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka Talks About Inspiring Mick Foley, Being A High-Flyer & More

Hosts Jack E. Jones and One Inch Biceps recently welcomed WWE Hall of Famer “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka to IYH Wrestling Radio. Snuka will be appearing at the New England Pro Wrestling FanFest 2014 later today at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Warwick, Rhode Island.

Highlights included the following:

Mick Foley always talks about the story that what inspired him to be a wrestler was seeing you live doing the Superfly Splash off the top of the cage. How does that make you feel that someone who became a big star was inspired by you to get into wrestling? “It was a great thing when I got to meet him. He was a grown man and wanted to get into the business and everything else. He’s such a fantastic kid and such a humble guy…I love that guy; he’s really down to earth.”

A lot of guys now are doing flips and crazy dives and stuff but the Superfly Splash still holds up as probably the best high-flying move of all time. Why do you see yours stand out above other moves? “Well, it’s about loving what I do. When I go in the ring, they always have this thing in their minds ‘Is he going to fly?’ That’s the most beautiful thing that I always had. I had to do it; I don’t have a choice because that’s what I created in my career. My love to the fans varies to make them go home happy.”

Other topics discussed included:

– How much does he think Roddy Piper meant to the legacy of Jimmy Snuka?

– Would he wrestle a different style depending on which territory he was in?

– Of his three feuds in the WWF (Roddy Piper, Don Muraco, and Ray Stevens), which one was his favorite?

– Is he proud of seeing his daughter (Tamina) in the WWE?

– Did he sense any jealousy from Hulk Hogan during the 80’s?

Check out the complete interview below: