Jimmy Wang Yang: “I’m The One Who Got Sheamus His Job”

PWMania.com reader Arda Ocal sent in the following:

Arda Ocal and Jimmy Korderas welcomed former WWE Superstar James “Jimmy Wang Yang” Yun to the program. Highlights:

– A funny story involving Jimmy Yang backstage at RAW and Vince McMahon not knowing he was released

– Why he re-opened his wrestling school and opened a pest control business

– Discovering Sheamus and being a pivotal part of him landing his job in WWE

EXCERPT: “I’m the one who got Sheamus his job. I picked him out in Milan, Italy and said ‘I’m gonna test this guy out’ and look at him now, he’s done great. I saw the workouts earlier and they told me that I could work with anyone I wanted. It came down to him and another German guy. I went to both guys and I asked ‘who does Italy hate the most, Germans or Irishmen?’ They both told me Irishmen so I ended up picking Sheamus to work that night. The rest is history”

Full interview available here: http://radio.thescore.com/episodes/jimmy-yang-raw-nov-16-2010

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