Joey Ryan Reveals His E-mail Reply To WWE Talent Executive & What Bill DeMott Said At Tryouts

– It was reported last fall that indie veteran Joey Ryan participated in a WWE tryout camp at the Performance Center, just a few months after he was released from TNA. Ryan was not offered a contract and later said in an interview that WWE felt like he was too old and experienced to be in developmental.

A few weeks back in January, Ryan tweeted the following comments and made references to NXT trainer Bill DeMott and John Laurinaitis:

Ryan also posted a screenshot of his e-mail reply to WWE’s Senior Director of Talent Development, presumably former beach volleyball player Canyon Ceman, who told him he was too experienced to hire. Here’s what Ryan wrote in the e-mail:

“I respect your opinion but I could not disagree more with it. My talents and abilities allow me to travel the world and make a full-time living in professional wrestling, which is not something that most WWE Superstars could do on their own.

You have coaches in place that have never drawn a dime in their careers trying to determine who and who cannot draw money which is the true flaw in your system. I have had far more successful names in wrestling, some within WWE itself, rave about my creativeness, character acting and ability to engage an audience and your evaluators missed it. Perhaps it’s time for you to reevaluate your evaluators.

Good luck in finding your next big superstar.”

  • Raven Reaper

    What, Joey Ryan was over at TNA, which may have killed his chances. Stone Cold Stunner, DDP Yoga

  • Aaron W.

    Shocker, more info about what big assholes John Laurinaitis and Bill DeMott are. Seems like nobody except their lap dogs has anything good to say about them.

  • TimPhillips

    And TNA could have-SHOULD HAVE been the alternative to all this nonsense. Future seems pretty bleak to me if the wrestling industry can only get what the executives at WWE want to see.

  • Richard Martinez

    Lol really? Hugh Morris knows what makes a wwe superstar? Fuck that guy and Laurinaitis. Boooooooooring!

  • Kris Lermond

    His reply was perfect and he’s right. Who the fuck cares about what Hugh Morris and Big John think? Absolutely no one…except WWE officials….for whatever reason.

    It would be nice if WWE would get some good trainers. While on this subject though…

    Reply with the names of at least 3 (Dont get crazy) retired or almost retired wrestlers, you would like to see as WWE trainers, evaluating and deciding who gets onto the main roster.

    My choices would be…

    3. Edge. He wouldn’t be able to get physical so much, but he could offer more than the two mentioned above.

    2. HBK. Need I say more?

    3. Triple fucking H.Criticize me all you want, but he would be a great trainer. The fact that he isn’t taking a more involved role with the training actually makes me mad.

    • Matt Ward

      i would rather see William Regal and Lance Storm be the head trainers at NXT

  • Bryan Thomas

    They retrained bryan? Lol but hey hey the fans are buying these non talented guys. All of they better wrestlers get held back because creative doesn’t want these guys upstaging the top guys, who can entertain on the same level as the oppressed. My wwe fan boy days are numbered. I.m going to stick around for a while longer to see if they step up. Cesaro is good, but cesaro is just cesaro. What about sandow etc?

  • Clay Keithstone Merritt

    That will forever be the flaw in WWE’s system. Like Joey Ryan mentioned, they have trainers who have never drawn a dime in their career trying to determine if these prospects can draw dimes in their career. Another flaw? The trainers teach the prospects how to wrestle and improve their skills but its a totally different environment if you get called up full time to the WWE roster, or even the full-time NXT roster for that matter. You have to be able to cut promos and have a good look in today’s WWE environment. If not, good luck in your wrestling future. Its stupid.

  • Cody Cosmos

    What’s so great about Bill DeMott? yes he was a former WCW wrestler and has a somewhat firm grasp on wrestling know how, but then again he wasn’t the greatest at performing & was dreadful on mic. The whole to-indie thing is incredibly stupid and short sighted!

  • Danny Zegen

    CM Punk was the only reason I watched the WWE. Now, I will stop. TNA isn’t great either, but at least it’s not The WWE.

  • theripperdannyb

    The fact is that they have some talented trainers down there in the developmental system, guys like Fit Finlay and Ricky Steamboat. The problem is that they are lead by DeMott, and more importantly he answers to Hunter and Ace. DeMott I dont think is that bad, he is pretty good at taking his orders from up high and being the face that the indie guys are given to want to spit at. And yes, they may have retrained Bryan to work a WWE style, just like they did Del Rio, but you cannot deny the fact that their indie roots are what makes them special.

    In the last few years the breakout stars have indie roots, Punk, Dryan, Cesaro, Rollins, Ambrose and even Sheamus and Wade Barrett spent enough time on the British indie circuit.

    I dont like Joey Ryan, never have done, never will. But the treatment of so many guys like him gets annoying. They may want bigger guys in the ring, but the fans want exciting people, the odd big guy is cool, if they are good, but how many 300+ers have walked through that door in the last 7 or 8 years, proved to be shit and then kicked, they havent had a decent big guy realistically since Batista. Luke Harper shows promise, but then again, what kind of roots does he have.

    WWE trained guys dont generally do that well these days, really, we like these indie born stars, no matter what size or age