John Cena Appears After WWE NXT Arrival Goes Off the Air, Mason Ryan Wins Dark Match

Published On 02/28/2014 | By Staff | News

– The dark match before Thursday’s WWE NXT Arrival event at Full Sail University saw Mason Ryan defeat Sylvester Lefort.

– After Arrival went off the air, John Cena entered the ring while new NXT Champion Adrian Neville was celebrating. Cena praised Neville in the match and said the future is bright. One fan was heckling Cena and Cena made a joke about the guy still living with his mom. Neville went up the ramp where Triple H was. Triple H raised Neville’s arm and got another pop for him. Triple H had Neville go back down and around the ring for one more ovation from the crowd. Neville did a moonsault and landed on his feet to celebrate with the title more and end the show.

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  • James Humwood

    I think Neville and zayn are HHH favorite guys just saying lol. Cena is a dick I swear his whole make a wish thing is just cena putting on a show. being a dick to the fan you would think a mature person would just ignore the fan not be an ahole. Anyways when Neville won did anyone else see cena clapping he was probably thinking congratulations I shall bury you in a few years xD also who knows maybe cena was taking notes on how to actually wrestle

    • Bryan Thomas

      One person i wouldn’t mind cena burying is big roman lol. That’s mean of me to say lol

      • James Humwood

        Ya but I can’t blame you but cena can’t bury himself because that’s what roman is he’s a cena copy he’s got like 5 moves and hasn’t wrestled a long match yet. I said it once I will say it again Dean is the talent of that stable well him and Rollins has really started to break out

  • Bryan Thomas

    Put slate randall on nxt tv and he’ll shoot straight to the main event. I promise