John Cena Compared To Minnesota Twins Star Joe Mauer

My Fox Twin Cities wrote a story that compares John Cena to Minnesota Twins star Joe Mauer. The Twins are currently in last place in Major League Baseball.

A blogger mentioned that Mauer is getting boos and fans are asking him to show emotion, similar to WWE fans wanting Cena’s character to react to situations like a normal person. The blogger said:

“The only difference between Mauer and Cena at this point is there is no ‘Let’s go Mauer’ chants from one half of the stadium, and ‘Mauer sucks’ from the other half.”

Mauer said the team needs to get away from home. He added: “It’s a tough game. You try to stay on an even keel as best you can. Hopefully we get on the road and get on a roll.”