John Cena Compares His Crowd Reaction To Tim Tebow’s, Austin

In a recent interview with the London Free Press, John Cena compared his hate fans have towards him to NFL Quarterback Tim Tebow. Here is what was said:

“When Steve Austin was flipping everyone off, doing all of those things considered evil things, he became the ultimate cool guy,” said Cena. “On the flip side of things, although I can handle business when I need to, I really make conscious choices to do the right thing. There’s still a giant portion of the audience associated to the Attitude era that I believe thinks I am a bad guy.

But I’m not a bad guy. I generate so much hatred just because of the way I act. I look at Tim Tebow as a good example. People couldn’t stop saying his name. He’s such a standup guy. People don’t believe it because it’s almost too good to be true. And he generates that hatred.”