John Cena Hypes His Movie Premiering Tonight, WWE’s YouTube Views Increases

– John Cena will be appearing on Nickelodeon’s premier of “Fred 3” tonight at 8PM. In the movie, Cena plays the imaginary father of Fred Figglehorn. Here is a Tout Cena posted promoting the movie.

– WWE’s YouTube views have increased this week by 52 percent compared to last week.

According to Deadline’s weekly report, the week of July 19-25, WWE’s Fan Nation page registered 4,118,065 views. The total was good for #4 out of all YouTube channels, up from #6 last week. WWE also registered the second-most weekly viewers since Deadline began tracking views for YouTube’s new dedicated channels in May. The previous weekly high was 4,367,067 for the week of June 28 to July 4.