John Cena Participating In Ad Campaign For Kraft, WWE Immediately Squashes Controversial Video

– Kraft Foods Group Inc. has announced a new advertising campaign for its Capri Sun Roarin’ Waters beverage featuring John Cena, as well as baseball star David Ortiz, Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas and basketball star Stephen Curry.

The athletes will be featured on specially marked packages of Capri Sun Roarin’ Waters with codes that will allow consumers to play online games, including thumb wrestling with the WWE Superstar.

Additional details on the promotion are available here.

– It was reported Sunday that a video had surfaced on YouTube from WWE’s “Presentations Skills” class at the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, where developmental wrestler Buddy Murphy made a disturbing reference to children being murdered. The controversial video quickly drew the attention of WWE as they had it removed from the video-sharing website within three hours of the report through a copyright claim.

Touting his multiple personalities, Murphy had said, “See that guy walks through the door, he’s upstairs, doesn’t have a smile on his face, that’s me too. The guy that sits in the locker room and stares a hole down the wall, and you’re wondering what he’s thinking, if he’s going to go home and murder my kids, that’s me too.”

“But, this is what you want. This is what you want. Well just remember this; you might get what you want, but you don’t always get who you want.”

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