John Cena Returning At WWE’s Hell In A Cell PPV; Cena Comments On Return

– WWE announced during tonight’s edition of WWE RAW that John Cena will return to in-ring action at the WWE Hell in a Cell pay-per-view on October 27th to take on Alberto del Rio for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Cena has been out of action since Mid-August after undergoing surgery on a torn triceps. At that time, it was expected that Cena would miss anywhere from 3-6 months of action and that the company was planning to have him return at the 2014 WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

– John Cena commented on his return to the ring by posting the following on his official Twitter account:

  • Nicolino

    that’s a bad move on their part. give that dude 5 months least . I don’t wanna see shamus till wrestlemania. I PROMISE it would be good for business.
    Cena needs to re invent himself. cena will never NEVER go down in history as one of the greats unless he gives us wrestling fans what we want. a Heel Cena!

    • lundgaardk

      No he doesn’t. He’ll still be one of the greats. Why? So you can boo him more? Cena wouldn’t be a good heel.

  • Name

    Just making it easier and quicker for him to over take Flair.

  • Nicolino

    Lets not focus on Cena. let that dude disappear for a while. lets talk about Goldust, the new facepaint. the potential he has in his career….. still now doesn’t steal but literally takes the spotlight off of whoever is in the ring with him! that’s how great goldust is! Henry was able to be champ, so has kane and show….. why not Goldust?

    • abdul wahab

      wrestling is a joke

  • Devon

    It’s a good thing there taking the belt of del rio but why does it have to be cena??

  • saulewright

    …Cena was gone do to an arm injury…and he’s facing ADR out of nowhere on a show that he doesn’t compete on…this is only to spike ratings and such, if Cena doesn’t flat out lose to ADR, look to see Sandow cash in. They are probably asking Cena to come back because ratings have been horrible lately. We’ll talk about this on our next #frohorsemen podcast tonight which you can hear on in the morning, if you’re interested.