John Cena Says WWE Stars Are Fearful Of Their Jobs, Talks WWE Product Changing & More


- Here are some highlights from Steve Austin’s recent podcast interview on his “The Steve Austin Show” with WWE Superstar John Cena:

* Cena says he feels great, turns 37 in April and still feels he can keep up with anyone who comes through the doors to wrestle for WWE.

* Cena said he wishes there was more motivational reinforcement from WWE officials. He admitted that WWE officials create a “walking on eggshells environment.”

* Cena said WWE has a locker room full of very talented guys but also a locker room full of Superstars who are fearful for their jobs. Cena said some of them are not willing to take the next step.

* Cena feels WWE is on the cusp of getting a real all-star roster for the first time in a long time.

* Cena said WWE is moving towards more action and less talk.

* Cena talked about working with Cesaro at the Performance Center for a Muscle & Fitness shoot. Cena said he likes to get to know talents on a personal basis when WWE is ready to push them to the main event.

  • hisfirewithin

    Don’t forget he practically asked to work Austin at WM31. Seriously one of the best interviews I’ve heard on the podcast so far. Professionalism, class, and not a mark for himself at all. Tons of humility as well. Good stuff!

  • Bryan Thomas

    That’s why cm punk is just great. He’s doesn’t that walking on eggshells crap. No one should. Wwe needs those stars more than those stars need wwe. Hell i got a great career job and i don’t buy that eggshells crap.

    • Jerihoar

      Punks just a whiny baby who doesn’t get what he wants so he leaves.

      • Bryan Thomas

        You can believe what you want. Doesn’t change the fact that he was the only one speaking up backstage. I guess he calls it like he sees it and the product( with some good moments) is crap. So he left. No one was calling Austin a whiny baby when he left.

  • Bryan Thomas

    And now to think of it, maybe they released chris hero because they saw some of the same characteristics that they see in punk, in him. Just a guess

  • Latoya

    It’s great to see the honesty instead of p.c answers. I can completely understand why superstars would be nervous, the way they rarely use their talent and take WEEKS to say “oh let’s give this guy a push” after fans have been begging for it is just sad. The less they are used the more likely common sense would say I’m getting “future endeavored”, it just makes sense to be worried. I really hope this “more action” means more actual brawling. Would be GREAT to see Sheamus, Reigns,Barrett Cesaro and others bring that back.

    • Bryan Thomas

      Everyone you mentioned except reigns, i agree with. The fact is roman can’t shine on his own so the wwe has to use the commentators and the booking to plant these seeds in peoples heads that he’s good. Rollins and ambrose shine naturally. They don’t need to be controlled by strings. Reigns is a puppet. He told the wyatts to “come out here and talk that trash” ooooooo whoopty friggin doo lol

      • Jared Mosher

        What show are you watching? They wanted ambrose to break out and had him win the us title, but reigns connected better and just shines the brightest in the shield, and definetley gets the best pop out of the shield. He’s one of the hottest stars in wwe and is going to be huge in the future. Everyone can see this. Sounds like you’re just a hater bro. Or a hipster, either way you just sound bitter and ignorant. This is just like the rock when he started breaking out from the nation of domination. Reigns is the future, and its not because wwe is forcing/making fans like him but because he has ‘it’. Ambrose will be big too as a heel, probably feuding with reigns

        • Bryan Thomas

          I just see right through it, besides i think a guy that takes his fist and smashes it to the ground and then cocks his wristband like a gun isn’t targeting the adult male fans. Those cheesy super hero antics are being groomed for the children. I don’t know how you.feel about cena, but the you do feel about cena as a wrestler will ultimately be the same way you feel about reigns. I’m not bitter, fucking shit shit this is bullshit aaaahhhhhhhhh fuck creative. Now that’s bitter, but me i’m simply just tired of it. If there was a main event full of great wrestler with great personalities, then i wouldn’t have anything to piss and moan about.

        • Bryan Thomas

          You don’t know any of that for sure. Everyone thought a lot of guys would be the next big heel. And it never happens

        • Bryan Thomas

          And the era i’m from didn’t breed hipsters.

      • Latoya

        Some things are over hyped yes, but I think with time he will be GREAT. Hey, he has the female fan-base covered so that’s almost half the battle. Nd btw I agree, Punk isn’t a baby because all things set aside as a human being at a perceived crappy job their miserable at we all now we would quit and walk if we were financially stable. So those who feel otherwise need to think about being happy; life’s too short to go around being miserable.

        • Bryan Thomas

          No offense to you, but it’s easy to win the female fans over. All they want to do is fantasize about these guys and then get online and write creepy erotic love stories about these guys. Hell i would like to have a sex marathon with mickie james but i don’t get online writing stories about it latoya lmao. And i’m not saying that’s what you do, but some women do that, i live outside of standardization so what applies men in this world full of standards also applie for women in mine. So i think those chicks writing stories are sick perverts lol

          • Latoya

            No offense taken. Fan fictions aren’t my thing, my website is about the show(I do take the time out to appreciate the male body though lol).However, I’m sure more than 50% of male fans have spent time alone with the divas photos, and they aren’t ALWAYS checking out their athletic ability in the ring , so to each it’s own. Sex sells.

          • Bryan Thomas

            If anyone has anything positive to to say about the bellas, eva marie etc, then it’s obvious that sex sales hahaha. But sex shouldn’t be mistaken for greatness. Of course it could be one of many attributes,

          • Latoya

            The Bellas are trying, Eva Marie…no comment. Look at Billy Gunn, he wasn’t called Mr. Ass because of his finisher.

          • Bryan Thomas

            But don’t you think that “trying” should be for developmental? And billy gunn had great wrestling skills. Some would say even better than HHH at that time, and i would agree

          • Latoya

            Not necessarily. Billy Gunn had excellent skills, but his gimmick as Mr. Ass is what he is known for. His trunks/tight shorts prove that point everytime he wrestles in them.

          • Bryan Thomas

            Of course his gimmick is what he’s know for. He also had a gimmick right after that one called “the one” billy gunn where everyone thought he was finally going to get a main event push and then they put him with chuck palumbo and that killed him

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