John Cena Speaks After Title Defense, CM Punk Suffers Cut On Raw, Michael Tarver Promo

– Renee Young caught up with World Heavyweight Champion John Cena after defeating Damien Sandow on last night’s RAW. Cena said Sandow gave one of his best efforts to date but Cena doesn’t plan on letting go of the title any time soon. Cena says there’s people in WWE talking like champions but not carrying themselves like champions, so he’s back to do just that.

– CM Punk suffered a cut over his eye after being attacked by Bray Wyatt and The Wyatt Family on last night’s RAW. WWE’s website posted footage of Punk refusing help from referees during the commercial break.

– In the video below, former WWE star and Nexus member Michael Tarver calls out former WWE star and current NWA Champion Rob Conway:

  • The Knight of Truth

    John Cena is one of the best wrestler in the world whether people love
    him or hate him. He is an amazing person in real life too, the donations
    he gives to poor people and all…

    People say Cena cant wrestle. Watch hiss matches HBK in 2007 or Punk in
    2011 or 13, Bryan in 2013. His I Quit match with JBL in 2005 was one of the most
    brutal and bloody match I have ever seen and not to mention an almost
    equally brutal/bloody match with Brock Lesner in 2012. The hurricane he
    performed on Punk this year is almost considered impossible for a man of
    his size. People who complain hes got only five moves or cant wrestle
    are blind, and from my observation if given the opportunity Cena could
    perform better than Kurt Angle or Chris Benoit (this is coming from a
    guy whes been watching WWE since 2001, and seen many of the classics of
    both Angle and Benoit including their awesome 2 out of 3 falls count
    match in 2001 and their match at Royal Rumbles 2003, two of theiir best matches.)….

    People says because of Cena younger talents dont get enough push? Well
    what about Daniel Bryan, Cena put him over at SummerSlam 2013 but very
    quickly people got bored of Bryan too, some even calling Bryan Super
    Bryan! This is why WWE has kept Cena face of WWE for so long, because
    there is no one to replace Cena, atleast the current creative team is
    not talented enough to build one. Guys like Hogan, Savage, Hart,
    Michaels, Austin, Rock, Triple H, Batista were replaced whren WWE found
    some one as good as or better than them. The skills required to be the
    face of WWE are: Charisma, Mic Skills, either a Power House (like Rock,
    HHH,Batista) or a Brawler (like Austin, Faoley, Benoit) and Fan Reaction
    (negative or possitive, a guy like Sin Cara gets neither and thus
    doesnt matter at all), no one in the current roaster has all of these
    skills combined except Cena and until WWE finds one Cena is irreplacable
    and people would get bored too quickly like in the case of Bryan.. The
    only two worthy replacements I can see are Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus,
    but they are both foreginers….

    People complain Cena is a 13 times world Champion. Lets see: HHH 13
    times, Rock 10 times, Edge 11 times, heck Flair was a 16 times world

    Cena iss a great wrestler and a great person in real life. Some fans may
    hate him, but in their last days Rock and Hogan were hated too, because
    people got bored of them. But immediately after their sudden retirement
    they became the most missed wrestlers of the 90s and 2000s respectively.
    Cena has been out of WWE for only two months annd people are
    complaining that the product has gotten worse. If Cena retires suddenly
    like Rock or Hogan I guarantee he will be the most missed wrestler of
    the WWE of the 2010s. Cena is one of the greatest wrestler in the world and the best
    active wrestler in the WWE!!!!

    • Dragon

      What ever you smoking, you need to share it. Cena is irreplaceable and better that Angle and Benoit is laughable. Cena is who he is in WWE simple because they choose not to make new stars.look at the eighties to early nineties, they were full of top stars that very good wrestlers, a lot better than Cena couldn’t even get a tile shot and stayed in the mid cards. if cena is to retire now WWE will have no choice bu to make a new star and they will.

    • CSawesomeness

      If this is you’re view then you know little about wrestling.

      First off your argument Cena is a great wrestler. Cena only ever has good matches with great wrestlers that can put anyone one over, like the ones you mentioned such as Punk, HBK and Bryan. A great wrestler should have great matches with any opponent and if Cena is wrestling someone that is a great wrestler his matches are terrible.

      Also the only reason John Cena dropped the title to Daniel Bryan was because he was injured and had to leave anyway.

      Cena hogs the limelight and hasn’t put anyone over from what I can remember.
      Randy Orton formed legacy to help Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibaise
      Punk had the New Nexus
      Triple H formed Evolution.

      Who has Cena helped? Himself.

      Cena has already got legendary status, regardless if people like it or not, but constantly has a title. His career doesn’t need another title to help push him forward but he is so egocentric that he has to have a title.

      Shawn Michaels arguably the best of all time only had 3 title reigns.
      It’s all in the quality not the quantity.

      Also here’s a list of wrestlers that could easily step into Cena’s role given the chance.

      Dolph Ziggler
      Rob Van Dam
      Randy Orton
      Daniel Bryan
      CM Punk

      Also the Rock has hated before he left not because people were bored, it’s because he turned heel, something you’re probably not familiar with as golden boy Cena won’t turn heel to protect his image. That’s why people are bored with Cena. Same old crap for 10 years.

      Cena is the new Hulk Hogan. He will continue to look out for himself, take ever title he can get his hands on, refuse to put anyone over and bore us for the foreseeable future.

      And that’s the bottom line because I said so.

      • The Knight of Truth

        Wow, never seen a great match like Kurt Angle vs Eugene at SummerSlam 2005 or Bryan vs Big Show vs Mark Henry in that Steel Cage match at Royal Rumbles 2012. Indeed Angle and Bryan could have great matches with anyone, silly me….

        Every wrestler is capable of putting a great match (excluding guys like Khali), depending on how much WWE allows him to perform. If John Cena wrestled in the indys and performed the way he wanted, he would be by far more popular than Bryan has ever been in his career….

        Cena helped Sheamus in 2009, Punk in 2011 and Bryan in 2013. Infact Cena never beat Sheamus. I wont deny he destroyed Nexus though, but again its the creative team not him. Cena brought the best out of Damien Sandow last night. At the end of the day wrestling is scripted. Its not win/loss that really matters but the performance you give in….

        • CSawesomeness

          I’ll give you Sheamus but the only reason he put over Punk is because one of the conditions for Punk staying was to win the WWE championship and hold it for the longest time in recent history. So Cena had no say in the matter. As for Bryan well I’ve already said, Cena had an injury and had to give up the title to go get surgery.

          Also every wrestler is capable of putting on a good match depending on how much WWE allows him to perform? So you are saying people like Santino Marella is about as gifted as Bret Hart, or Heath Slater is as good as Undertaker? Don’t think so.

          Cena performs the way he does because that is all he is capable of. I don’t recall Daniel Bryan or CM Punk having a problem performing their best.

          Was a not bad match between Sandow and Cena but once again Cena retains the title rather than dropping it to Sandow and giving Sandow’s career a push.

          Cena pretty much has creative control of what he does, hence the reason he gets so much mic time and hardly anyone else does these days so Cena can wrestler however he likes but chooses the same 5 moves.

          • Guest

            I might actually agree with you this time….

          • The Knight of Truth

            I might actually agree with you this time…… But Cena is capable of doing more than he does. Remember the Hurricane he did on Punk earlier this year, it is very difficult for a guy of his size to pull something like that. But its hard to argue, he sticks to the same 5 moves on most of his matches. The same can be said about Orton: a lot of beat down, sudden recovery, cloathslines, powerslam, ddt and rko. But guys like Jericho, Sheamus, Punk and Bryan does a lot more variation. All in all I agree with your point………

          • The Knight of Truth

            But since MITB 2011 Cena changed. He sells his opponents moves a lot more and uses a lot more variations. On random filler matches on Raw with guys like Miz he sticks to the 5 moves of doom. But on big matches starting with that against Punk at MITB 2011 hes been doing a lot more variations….

          • CSawesomeness

            Orton does but I think the thing that impresses me if that he can hit the RKO from almost anywhere so it gives his matches a great edge, such as the his RKO to Evan Bourne was fantastic.

            With Cena recently I he tends to get beat up most of the match then hit the AA one, two , three done. It’s not exciting anymore. He needs to change it up. If he did a heel turn it would be amazing but he doesn’t want to do it.

            Even if he doesn’t want to do the heel turn I think it’s time to let other wrestlers have the title to help futher their careers as Cena has already made it too the top . It’s like he is refusing to let anyone else touch his top spot, which is exactly what Hulk Hogan did.

    • FC

      “Cena could perform better than Kurt Angle or Chris Benoit” Not even Cena himself would agree with this . Dude get off whatever drugs your are on .

    • Jevonte Marquis Gore

      Agree with some of what’re saying.