John Cena Talks About Possibly Facing Sting & More, Titus O’Neil On Billboard, Dr. Tom Prichard

– In the video below, John Cena talks to Sam Roberts, before SummerSlam, about possibly facing Sting, Brock Lesnar and more:

– Wrestling legend Dr. Tom Prichard turns 55 years old today.

– Titus O’Neil and his sons Titus & Thaddeus are featured on a Los Angeles billboard for the PSA that was released a few months back. You can see a photo of the billboard below.

  • Dee Drak

    I REALLY DO NOT WANT TO SEE Sting vs. John Cena! But I know it’s gonna happen!

    • RReigns121314

      HELL NO! Sting vs Taker!

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    C’mon, they should push Bray vs Sting, the idea alone will draw more attention to the Bray Wyatt character making him more relevant again.

    I’d see that match over any other wrestler ESPECIALLY Cena.