John Cena vs. Kane Happens After Raw Goes Off The Air

After Monday’s WWE Raw in Anaheim, California the following happened after the television show ended.

Foley stood up after the attack. John Cena and Kane came out for the dark main event.

John Cena defeated Kane by DQ. Kane used a nerve hold that lasted forever as the fans dueled with Cena chants. A small Cena comeback and we went right back to the nerve hold. Kane eventually grabbed a chair and beat Cena in the stomach with it, triggering the DQ.

Kane’s music played and he left the ring. He walks up the ramp, stopped, turned, and went to do more damage to Cena. Cena stood up and avoided a Tombstone attempt. He performed the Attitude Adjustment on Kane to send the fans home happy. Cena and Kane had a ramp to ring stare down. Cena posed as Kane left. Cena shook hands with the fans at ringside as his music played.

Justin Roberts thanked everyone for coming. No return date was given.