John Morrison Speaks On His Losing Streak, Return From Injury

– The WWE wbsite has an article up looking at the recent losing streak of John Morrison titled, “Has JoMo lost his mojo?”

In case you hadn’t noticed how bad Morrison has been jobbing as of late – the article states that Morrison hasn’t won a match since August and has been “smashed” by Cody Rhodes, “squashed” by Mark Henry, “creamed” by Wade Barrett, “dismantled” by Alberto Del Rio and has been “tasting the bottom of Drew McIntyre’s boot” on WWE Superstars.

There have been various reports that Morrison is in the ‘doghouse’ – but Morrison says his losing streak can be attributed to the fact that he returned to action (following a neck injury) sooner than he should have:

“I came back a little bit too early. Physically, I’m here. Spiritually, I’m out of my mind. I’ve got all these things going on in the periphery.”

“What I need to do is cut everything off and go back to square one. What was it that made me want to get into this business as a little John Morrison? I’ve lost touch with that. And for me to be a success I need to get it back.”