John Morrison Talks About His Relationship With WWE & A Potential Return To The Company

Former WWE Superstar John Morrison spoke to Ring Rust Radio on his relationship with WWE and if he’d want to return to the company.

“My impression is that the door is open,” Morrison said. “I originally got into wrestling because it was my first love, since I was a little kid it was what I wanted to do. And I still haven’t found anything quite as cool as wrestling… It’s something I’m going to get back to. The other question was is a return immanent, and I don’t know.

“I’m shuffling through a bunch of things and I have a bunch of things that I want to accomplish in the movie biz before I go back to wrestling full time. Once you’re on that full-time schedule, you don’t really have control of your own time. But I am definitely coming back at some point.”

Morrison also said he’d like to work with Damien Sandow, Seth Rollins, Antonio Cesaro and Fandango.

  • Jane

    He disrespected Trish and paid for it big time, what a loser. Great athlete yes. But still a douchebag.

    Trish is somewhere laughing her wealthy ass off.

    • mmadia

      you’re aware HE decide to take time off, right..?

    • Breanna_Monique

      Right. His attitude sucks!

  • dickspicks

    What “movies” has Johnny Boy been in lately? What an idiot.

    • CorXy StXwart

      you know the reason hes trying to get into acting is because he says itll help improve his promo skills which we can all agree definitely needed improvement