Johnny Gargano On His Match With Tommaso Ciampa At WWE NXT Takeover: ‘I’m Not Going For Five Stars With This One’

Johnny Gargano spoke with promoting his “unsanctioned match” with Tommaso Ciampa at NXT Takeover: New Orleans. Here are the highlights:

His relationship with former friend Tommaso Ciampa:

“I still remember the Tommaso Ciampa that was my best friend, but he’s not that guy anymore. He’s a snake…I still don’t understand why. It’s something that has haunted me for 10 months. It’s something that I’ve thought about time and time again. I don’t think I’ll ever understand why. We were just coming off our first main event. We didn’t win, but I thought things were going pretty well. Obviously, I was wrong.”

Their match at NXT Takeover:

“The match with Almas didn’t go my way, but to have a match like that and for it to be rated five stars, I’m extremely confident right now. It was unanimously praised, but this match will be completely different. I’m not going for five stars with this one.”