JR Blog: Attending Superbowl, Flair’s Health, Booker T, More

Jim Ross has posted a new blog over at JRsBarBQ.com. Below are some highlights:

“Football wise we sat just off the GB end zone in the lower level, corner and our seats were excellent. The world’s largest video board makes every seat worthwhile I assure you. We were about 14 rows off the field near the Steelers entrance to the stadium. I can easily see Vince McMahon and Jerry Jones collaborating some day to set a Wrestlemania attendance record in Cowboys Stadium.”

“Ric Flair called me last week and at the time he wasn’t sure if he needed rotator cuff surgery imminently or not. He’s had similar shoulder problems in the past. Ric was trying to help me find SB45 tickets and we were trying to get hooked up with GB linebacker coach and former wrestler Kevin Greene. We missed two, regularly priced tickets ($900) by ‘this much.'”

“Nice work by Booker T on his first outing on Friday Night Smackdown at the announce desk. Booker will advance even farther when, or if, the SD announce team is perhaps Booker and Josh Mathews, who has improved more than any WWE announcer IMO over the past year or so.”