JR Blog: Cole’s Promo, HHH vs. Taker, WWE In Mexico & More

– Jim Ross is back with another blog on jrsbarbq.com. Here are some highlights:

JR going to Mexico for WWE: “I will be flying to Mexico City this week to take part in a major, groundbreaking, WWE news event on Thursday afternoon. I, along with others from WWE, will be at Vive Cuervo Salon in Mexico City for the 3:30 pm event. It’s FREE to the public but I suggest that if you are attending that you arrive early to secure your place in what promises to be a historic event for WWE in the tradition rich, grappling city of Mexico City. The doors open at 2 p.m.”

Hacksaw Duggan in the Hall of Fame: “Congrats to Hacksaw Jim Duggan on the announcement that ‘Hack’ is going into the WWE Hall of Fame this year. The Glens Falls, New York native is one of the distinguished, Mid South Wrestling alums who learned his skills under the watchful and demanding eye of Cowboy Bill Watts. Jim became a huge star in Mid South before venturing ‘up north’ to take his skills to WWE.”

Road Warriors possible in the Hall: “The Road Warriors are certainly deserving of WWE HOF honors and this could well be their year in Atlanta. How could anyone of sanity not think that the Legion of Doom would not be WWE HOF worthy?”

WWE going TV-14: “Can we stop with the TV14 questions? For some reason, folks think that because Rock and then John Cena got edgy with their in ring promos in recent RAWS that perhaps WWE is going back to a more risqué presentation ala a TV14 format. I don’t speak for WWE but going all the way back to TV14 would shock me. I’m not a guy who lives or dies by a TV rating but rather judges a wrestling, TV show by what I see in the ring headlined by high quality, physical wrestling action and not by the use of edgy language even though I do enjoy that too when effectively utilized. I will admit that in the past two weeks that I have been pleasantly surprised by some of the verbiage on MNR. I have grandkids and I would have had no issues with them watching Raw with me.”

Triple H and Undertaker: “It’s been years since I witnessed a more effective TV segment on any wrestling program where not a word was said as I experienced Monday night between the Undertaker and HHH. Amazing stuff for this old schooler as the two, future WWE Hall of Fame icons sold tickets and PPV’s with their eyes and well earned reputations. This segment was so good that I went back and watched it again and then had to show the ‘moment’ to my wife when she arrived home.”

Michael Cole’s promo on RAW: “Did Michael Cole step over the line Monday night when he spoke of Jerry Lawler’s recently deceased mother? Many of you think that he did. I was very uncomfortable with the remark but my wife gasped when she heard it. It would seem to me that specific subject matter will likely not be revisited in upcoming weeks but if it is it won’t be without controversy. Very touchy subject matter, without question.”