JR Blog: Jericho Or Batista At WM27, Kofi On Winning IC Title

Below are highlights from Jim Ross’ latest blog over on jrsbarbq.com:

– Congrats to Kofi Kingston on winning the IC Title. Kofi was on the cusp of something special when he had his issues with Randy Orton last year specifically their encounter at MSG which I thought was impactful. Let’s hope that Kofi gets right back on that roll. He’s a very athletic talent and a smart, educated individual.

– No our book idea isn’t dead but we tabled it during the holidays as the decision makers in the book biz seemingly don’t work much after Thanksgiving through the end of the year. The project is still alive but I have to light a fire under my ample behind to get back in a creative mindset.

– I do not know if either Chris Jericho or Dave Bautista will return to WWE for WM27. I’m not in that loop and don’t have a clue on the subject. Personally, I would be surprised if either returned for a special Wrestlemania appearance. Who knows?