JR Blog: Jericho’s WWE Future, Nash/WWE, Randy Savage

The following are highlights from the latest online blog by WWE Hall Of Fame announcer Jim Ross:

On a Chris Jericho return to WWE: Speaking of Jericho, he owes none of us another match if that becomes Chris’ decision. @IAmJericho has done plenty in his illustrious career to more than fulfill all our expectations. If Chris decides to return to the ring it will be in WWE and I think that he will but it may not be full time. That’s just one guy’s, uninformed opinion.

On Kevin Nash’s deal with WWE: Twitter question….I don’t know what WWE’s plans are for Kevin Nash who has a Legend’s agreement with WWE and last appeared in the ring at the Royal Rumble. Do I think Kevin can still help as an on air performer? Absolutely. Kevin is a bright man with a high wrestling IQ who still has fuel left in his former Tennessee Volunteer tank.

On “Macho Man” Randy Savage: Tweeter follower asked me where I thought Randy Savage got the majority of his in ring influences. Savage was very individualistic but I’ve always been of the mindset that his costumes and music were somewhat influenced by WWE HOF’er Gorgeous George. Randy was amazingly intense, virtually 24/7, and brought natural athleticism to the squared circle. We never always agreed on a variety of professional matters and had our share of disagreements but never once did i not respect his in ring ability and the fact that he was one of the biggest , pro wrestling stars of all time.

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