JR Blog: Matt Hardy’s Issues, WWE’s Tag Team Division, Grisham

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his blog, which you can check out over at JRsBarBQ.com. Here are some highlights of what JR wrote about:

Matt Hardy: “What are my thoughts on the controversy surrounding Matt Hardy? (Been asked this one a ton the past couple of days.) We brought Matt and Jeff to the WWE and they had some amazing outings over the years as many remember. They were, generally, excellent to work with and I like them a great deal on a personal basis. However, I am not in touch with either, only know what I read about them, and can only hope that whatever issues they may have or have had are put behind them much sooner than later. I wish them only good health and happiness.”

WWE Rebuilding The Tag Team Division: “Are tag teams making a come back in WWE? I can only say that I hope so and if last week’s Raw is any indication it would seem that there is a good chance the tag team scene is going to receive added exposure and the chance to develop. There are many younger fans today who have never experienced quality, tag team wrestling done on a major scale as was done in WWE in generations past. Some fans actually are bigger fans of tag team wrestling than one on one bout.”

Todd Grisham Leaving WWE For ESPN: “Thoughts on Todd Grisham going to ESPN? I think it is a good move for all involved. Todd will fit well at ESPN with former WWE alums Jonathan Coachman and Max Bretos. Grish knows sports, especially soccer, and is very comfortable doing studio work. He’s a good human being and a talented guy who I know will do wonderful work in Bristol.”

Ross also spoke about whether Brock Lesnar will ever wrestle for WWE again, the Ultimate Warrior in WWE’s Hall of Fame, Dr Death Steve Williams’ short WWE run and more. As always, head over to JRsBarBQ.com for Jim Ross’ delicious line of BBQ products.