JR Blog: Says He Once Cost WCW $800,000, UFC 131 PPV

Jim RossJim Ross has posted a new blog over at JRsBarBQ.com. Below are some highlights:

“Kevin Nash told us at the taping of the WWE Legends Roundtable last week that years ago when I mentioned on Raw one Monday night that I was going to bring back ‘Diesel and Razor’ next week, that WCW attorneys freaked out because Nash and Hall had only signed ‘deal memos’ and not their final contracts.

To expedite the final, final contract signing WCW, to make sure that ‘Razor and Diesel’ wouldn’t appear on Monday Night Raw, apparently threw another $400K to each guy to get the deal done ASAP which happened in a sports bar inside the CNN Center. Then, TBS flew the two men home in a private jet. Yep…WCW legal beagles actually believed what ‘Good Ol J.R.’ said while in TV mode and they quickly spend another $800K of their company’s money.”

“Junior Dos Santos was just too fast for Shane Carwin. JDS’ jab was his ‘go to’ punch and worked whenever JDS wanted to use it. Carwin looked a little ‘off.’ Perhaps Shane lost too much weight and it seemed as if he may have even had bad right hand. Carwin simply did not seem to be himself. Guys his age coming back from surgery and almost a one year layoff are put into a tough spot. Bottom line is that Shane Carwin wasn’t the ‘beast’ that he usually seems to be.”