JR & Foley Comment on Wyatt & Jericho, Photo of Darren Young at Pride, Controller Appointed

– The GLAAD website has photos of Darren Young at the New York City Pride festival this past week where he apparently played a significant role. Below is a photo:

– According to a SEC filing from Monday, WWE has appointed Mark Kowal from Corporate Controller of the Company to Principal Accounting Officer. Kowal has been with WWE since 2001, beginning as Director, General Accounting, and becoming VP, Corporate Controller in June 2004 and SVP, Corporate Controller in February 2014. Kowal worked as a certified public accountant for a law firm before coming to work for WWE.

– Jim Ross tweeted the following about Bray Wyatt after last night’s RAW and the attack on Chris Jericho:

“@WWEBrayWyatt was a heel tonight. #RAW If there are heels still in the rasslin game….that is.”

Mick Foley also tweeted about Wyatt and Jericho:

“I have a feeling that @WWEBrayWyatt is going to bring out a side of @IAmJericho that we’ve never seen before. #RAW”

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    maybe Y2J will actually elevate Bray unlike he who shall not be named.

    • codys moustache

      Cena has actually elevated bray. He’s definitely main event level right now. It’s just too early to put title on him. Also he doesn’t really need a title

      • Monkey D. Luffy

        Not sure what Cena did to elevate Bray, would you mind explaining sir?

        • codys moustache

          Just working with him dude, it showed that wyatt can work at a main event level. Wins and losses aren’t everything bro. Bray outshined cena

          • Monkey D. Luffy

            i agree with you completely, i just felt after his 2 losses and 1 embarrassing victory hurt his momentum severely and damaged his reputation as a badass when feuding with Cena after the losses

          • Derrick ZeektheManager Gamble

            An embarrassing victory? I was there that night at extreme rules… What was so embarrassing about it?

          • thesmarktank

            Well, the kid having to come out to distract Cena isn’t exactly earning respect. But I think Wyatt was main event level before Cena, thanks to working with Bryan. Cena kept it going, but ultimately went over… But its Cena, come on, what do you expect?

          • Monkey D. Luffy


            He didn’t need to feud with Cena AT ALL since he was already main event caliber