JR Grilling At Homeland Store, SummerSlam 1997 In 60 Seconds, Latest JBL & Cole Show

– Jim Ross is scheduled to appear at the Homeland store in Norman, Oklahoma on Lindsey Street on Saturday, August 10th from 1pm until 3pm. Ross will hold a free meet & greet and will be doing some grilling.

– Here’s WWE SummerSlam 1997 in 60 seconds:

– Below is the latest episode of The JBL & Cole Show:

  • bhkaiser

    Summerslam ’97 in 60 seconds…why would they leave out the chair shot from HBK to Undertaker?? Not only did it allow Bret Hart to win, but it began the feud that brought us Hell in a Cell, Kane, and HUGE rivalry between HBK/Taker!