JR On Mick Foley, WWE’s Next Breakout Star, Matt Hardy, More

Jim Ross has a new blog entry available on his official website. Below are some highlights:

-Will Mick Foley ever return to WWE? I don’t have a definitive answer but my gut instinct says that he will at some point and it could even be this year. I can’t see Mick wrestling regularly but stepping back in the ring for something special seems feasible. Mick has many skills and could be an asset for any company in a variety of ways.

-Who’s the next breakout star in WWE? Could be one of many and I just hope that some of them advance to the next level. Too many fans blame everyone but the talents themselves for the lack of advancement which isn’t accurate or fair. However, I do like where Dolph Ziggler is heading and it seems that Cody Rhodes is getting more play. Several talents fit into the same mold as Ziggler and Rhodes which is actually a good thing if they continue to evolve on all levels. Ryder, McIntyre, Sheamus, Swagger, and others seem to all have ‘something.’ I actually like several, young WWE talents and their varying upsides.

-Will Matt Hardy ever return to WWE? That’s not my call nor do I have any input in the matter but my view on Matt Hardy is simple….go to rehab and invest totally in getting clean and sober and then cross future, professional bridges when you come to them. Right now getting healthy and STAYING healthy should be the only item on Matt Hardy’s agenda. I’ve always liked and supported the Hardy brothers and wish them nothing but good health and happy days.