JR Possibly Working WrestleMania 28, FCW Matches At The Fair

– The Miami Herald has released the card for the FCW event at the Miami-Dade County Fair on March 16th at 9pm featuring WWE Superstars and developmental talents:

* FCW Champion Seth Rollins vs. Damien Sandow in a Lumberjack Match
* Jinder Mahal vs. Justin Gabriel
* Bo Rotundo vs. Antonio Cesaro vs. Leo Kruger
* Paige vs. Audrey Marie vs. Caylee Turner vs. Sophia Cortez
* Corey Graves & Dean Ambrose vs. Richie Steamboat & CJ Parker
* Big E Langston vs. Alexander Rusev
* Rick Victor (Canada) vs. Xavier Woods (USA) in a Flag Match

– Regarding Jim Ross working this year’s WrestleMania 28 event, it’s believed that the decision will be made the week of the big event and as always, it comes down to what Vince McMahon wants. Ross may end up calling one or two matches this year.

It’s believed that The Undertaker has asked officials if Ross can call his match but The Rock and John Cena have not yet.