JR: What He’d Change In The Wrestling Business, Attitude vs. PG

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has updated his blog, which you can read in its entirety over at JRsBarBQ.com. Here are some highlights of what JR said about:

What He Would Change About The Business:

“What’s the one thing that I would do if I could institute any change in the business? It is and always will be adding more developmental areas so more world class/ highly recruited athletes can train and be given the opportunity to make the primary roster and contribute sooner than later. It would also make sense to have a positive working relationship with all the smaller wrestling promotions that are fighting to survive and crave out their niche. Virtually every talent in a smaller promotion wants to advance to WWE where they can maximize their opportunities to earn better money in a career that generally has a short shelf life.”

The Attitude Era: “It’s amazing that some fans think that WWE going back to the attitude era would automatically cure any perceived ailment that WWE may have in some fan’s eyes. That is essentially absurd. Evaluate the attitude era’s talent roster and compare it to today’s. If you do so objectively then you can easily answer the question.”

The PG Era: “Smart PG works just fine and developing new stars is much more imperative than the TV rating. Some fans need to understand that stars like HBK, Austin, Rock, etc don’t come along in every generation. Plus, age and injuries adversely affect talents just like they do any athlete. Too many young wrestlers have found their comfort zone performing in the mid card and thus avoiding the immense responsibility that comes with being a main event star. The money is good for the mid card role and some talents are simply content to not make waves and to take their ‘good money’ and move on. Squeaky albeit talented wheels need to create more awareness for their desires to be headliners. It’s not as simple as raising one’s hand.”

Ross also wrote about a number of topics, including the differences between this generation’s commentary vs. previous generations, Chyna, Stan Hansen’s new book and more.