JTG On Paige, Xavier Woods and Brad Maddox Video Leak, Jokes and Ridicule On Social Media

Regarding the nude photos and videos of Paige that were leaked online, former WWE star JTG of Cryme Tyme wrote the following:

Speaking of Xavier Woods, both him and Brad Maddox have been the subject of various jokes and ridicule on social media over their alleged participation in the videos:

  • Boss

    It’s OKAY for Wrestling fans to be dumb and say stupid things. But C’mon JTG, that’s ridiculous. Bitch just did that for attention cause ain’t nobody talkin about his ass since he left WWE. So he’s just gonna mention playing Woods in the sex scene in Paige’s life in Rocks movie. C’mon. Don’t be a dick, I guess he’s just method acting to play Woods dick lol. I expect better from Wrestlers but actually they’re the worst cause they tease and joke behind people’s back like PUSSIES. Most of the fans have the balls to tweet the person they’re making fun of. WHY I HAVE NO IDEA cause I think it’s rude as fuck but whatever fans are crazy and don’t think things though much like Paige getting her shit leaked from the cloud lol. Don’t take that dick pic people or those selfie tit snapchats. Someone is gonna get them.

    • AllHailKingKurt .

      I thought it was pretty funny by jtg

      • Boss

        Who knows, maybe he genuinely thought it was funny or maybe he’s just hurting for work cause nobody wants to see him wrestle lol. It’s hard out there to find work. Man will take whatever job he can get. Going into acting seems to be all the rage these days.

    • Part Timer

      you dont need balls to post anything online. direct or indirect

  • PNutButty

    He’s just saying the same thing any other idiot would say about the situation. And omg if I gotta see “On the same Paige again” ugh. Be more original.

    • AllHailKingKurt .

      Paige got to see Xavier’s wood, 😂

    • James Hensley