JTG’s New Look, Washington Teases Mason Ryan, Primo & Epico

– We noted this morning that plans were for Mason Ryan to be managed by Abraham Washington instead of becoming Dolph Ziggler’s new bodyguard. Washington wrote the following on Twitter yesterday, “I just got a message from my secretary saying that Mason Ryan called the office this morning. I wonder what for? #WinkWink”

Washington also defended his decision to hold off on Primo and Epico’s WWE Tag Team Title shot, “Many people have questioned my tactics of patient observation. To them I say a wise man once said only fools rush in. #ChessNotCheckers”

– WWE Superstar JTG is telling fans to watch today’s episode of NXT as he will be debuting a new look. JTG has been thanking WWE Diva Alicia Fox for helping with his new look. Alicia will apparently be managing JTG from here on out.

As previously reported, JTG debuted a new look at WWE’s RAW Supershow in Washington, DC in April. He lost the dark match to Damien Sandow but came out with new gear and a new shorter hairstyle. Below is a photo of the new look from the April dark match which may be an indicator of his new look he will be debuting on WWE television.