Kane Addresses The Passing Of Paul Bearer, Chris Masters Media Attention, Wrestling Summit

– Kane was interviewed by the Norfolk Navy Flagship to promote Wrestlemania and this weekend’s house show in Virginia.

When asked about the death of William “Paul Bearer” Moody, he said: “He was an integral part of my early years as Kane. Without Paul Bearer, there wouldn’t have been a Kane, because he was such an important part of that story. Also, we traveled together for a few years, so it was a loss on a personal level for me as well. He came back and managed me in 2010 when I was World Champion, which was really cool – again against The Undertaker. Just like everyone else, I was a big fan of Paul Bearer and Percy Pringle, and all of the other names that he went by. It was a tough loss for everybody. We went to the viewing and what was really amazing was there were flowers there from all over the country – really, all over the world. It was nice to see an outpouring of affection from fans all over the place.”

He also said that teaming with Daniel Bryan lets him be a “lighter” personality. He also talked about Wrestlemania and named the Pete Rose tombstone as his favorite moment.

– The story about Chris Masters saving his mother is getting a lot of coverage in the media.

– WWE has posted photos and video from the 1990 “Wrestling Summit” event at the Tokyo Dome with talent from the WWF, New Japan and All Japan. They have been pushing a lot of historical material in recent months.