Kane Should Be The Most Over WWE Heel Not Named Lesnar Right Now

Kane SHOULD BE the most over heel in the industry right now not named Brock Lesnar. I know how ridiculous that sounds when you look at where he actually is right now, but if you let me, I will explain to you how badly the powers that be in WWE screwed up by dropping the Kane push. Everything was working for it, but the angle was wrong. The problem was that the booking didn’t capitalize on a few very crucial things that could have made Kane look unstoppable and with a few tweaks. He’s probably still WWE World Heavyweight Champion in my world. Instead of being the momentum keeper of Roman Reigns. Seriously, we know Reigns can beat Kane. He’s done it a lot lately. Why does another win over the same guy make him look any better? That is where Kane is right now. So, me saying where he could be probably sounds kind of fantastic or dumb. In fact there was a fellow writer here who claimed that Kane should be done as an active competitor, but let me ask you one thing. Let me talk for a little while, and then decide if Kane is doing the best work being Reign’s stepping stone. Here is my question: Why hasn’t Kane gotten any credit for ending CM Punk’s career, or putting Daniel Bryan on the shelf and forcing him to lose his titles that everyone in the WWE Universe and their Grandmas spent the better part of a year trying to get him?

Really think about that for awhile and tell me that wouldn’t put Kane super over. For example, Paul Heyman walked right into the Lion’s Den of Chicago to Punk’s own entrance music and got more heat than any of us have seen in a long time. Then boom, Streak broken. Everyone and their Grandpa knows that Punk walked out for a variety of reasons, but they couldn’t twist the angle for television? Instead WWE went with the ignore him and he’ll go away tactic aside from when they were in Chicago and HAD to acknowledge it. Heyman got his rub, but where did that leave Kane? Kane wasn’t even on the show at all. Yet, wasn’t Kane the one who eliminated Punk from the Rumble and put him through the table. As characters, we haven’t seen Punk since. On paper, Kane ended Punk’s career and no one thought to bring that up? Can you imagine how much the fans in Chicago would have loathed Kane if he had gone out there and told them that he ended Punk’s career? That is insane heat. That would have been an ocean of pure hate going into Mania. Kane probably could have done whatever he wanted. He certainly wouldn’t have been jobbing to The Shield with the Old Age Outlaws in four minutes.

Now, let’s say everything goes naturally from there, or as much as it can. The Shield takes down Big Daddy Kane. Bryan beats all active members of Evolution in one night and blah blah blah. It would still make total sense for Kane, the man who ended Punk to go after the title. Actually, more than ever with the extra heat on him. He can remask, that triple Tombstone night off the stairs is even more deadly because Kane has momentum already and everything can go exactly the same right through to Bryan’s injury.

Bryan got hurt. It sucks a lot, but they dropped the entire angle when Bryan couldn’t compete. Then we got the Money in the Bank PPV where John Cena won again. By the way, I was at that PPV. I promise you, that crowd had no interest in watching Cena win in his own hometown. We got THAT instead of Kane getting the title from The Authority. This whole story between Cena/Lesnar is backwards in WWE logic. The whole storyline is Plan C is Lesnar just to get the title off Cena, but they already had the chance to put it on Kane when he put Bryan on the shelf. A shelf Bryan is still on I might add. That’s where my head was at when Bryan got hurt. “Bryan is hurt? Okay, Kane should get the title right?” Kane is in The Authority. He was the one who put Bryan on the shelf and in my world, he ended Punk’s career. Kane was batting a thousand for Triple H and Steph. Why in the hell didn’t anyone in the booking department ask the most obvious question? On paper, Kane had ended Punk’s career, was personally responsible for putting the hottest wrestler and current WWE Champion on the shelf after the fans had scratched and clawed him to get the damn title and he was already in The Authority’s back pocket. Technically, all these things are still currently true, yet the powers that be ignored Kane twice and put the title on Cena while Kane has been lost in the shuffle and is now doing nothing but putting Reigns over on a weekly basis. What the hell happened?

You have to see my point now. It’s right there, and I really can’t figure out why Kane isn’t huge right now. It makes no sense. I didn’t even rewrite history. I didn’t manipulate history and I changed nothing. All I did was acknowledge that Kane has been the hand behind these major changes on WWE programming. What is even more crazy is all this still fits with their current storylines. They could run these angles for Bryan’s eventual return if they wanted, but they won’t because who “they” are can’t see what’s right in front of their faces. So, you tell me why hasn’t Kane gotten credit for any of this? Others on this site want to talk about how Kane is “done”, but he clearly isn’t. He is being ignored. He is being ignored because he isn’t John Cena, or Roman Reigns. “They” have wasted what could be Kane’s last year because he didn’t fit their plans. In my opinion, Kane should be WWE Champion right now. At Summerslam, or maybe even Battleground if “they” wanted to rush it, John Cena FINALLY takes down The Big Red Machine. The Authority gets so infuriated by this that they hire a rouge Lesnar to stop Cena right after Lesnar beat The Streak. Boom. I just utilized Punk’s retirement, Bryan’s injury, John Cena, Brock Lesnar and all of Kane’s momentum to tell a much better story with all involved. Then, I would have Reigns vs. Kane and it would be much more meaningful. It’s not rocket science. It’s just good booking. I just don’t see why people who are being paid to do exactly this can’t see potential right in front of their face. I hope you realize this next week of TV as Kane plays second fiddle to everyone else that he should be better off. He could have been much more. He would have been The Big Red Machine once more.

What do you think? Comment below with your thoughts, opinions, feedback and anything else that was raised.

  • Jam

    Damn. I loved this article; Can’t disagree on anything about it. It’s all true, and I’m sure most of that even before Wrestlemania 30 was written by creative who weren’t let go yet. They really dropped the ball on Kane & as a result, we have a fucked up PG version of the monster we once knew.

    • Sir William McCormick

      Thanks! Once I saw it, I couldn’t unsee it. They really just threw good momentum away, or they didn’t notice. Either way, Kane got the shaft. I realize he’s getting older, but it’s all perception of character. It’s crazy no one thought of this.

      • Jam

        I thought about it the entire time, but not the way you described it, and clearly your description is a lot more straight to the point/crystal clear. I honestly don’t know how to deal with this PG Kane now considering See No Evil 2 is coming out in theaters soon.



  • Olly

    I agree here completely. Are you on Twitter?

    • Sir William McCormick

      I sure am good sir. @WMcCormickEsq Let me know if you add me.

  • Cage

    It’s clearly a lack of long term booking. This article makes perfect sense. They seemed to be on right track with Kane/Bryan feud. But they made Bryan look like a weasel who ran away from Kane.
    Also Kane and New Age Outlaws versus Shield at Wrestlemania should have never happened. It did not add any credibility to Shield by squashing NAO at a big stage like Wrestlemania.

  • Arvind

    Agree completely. They could have made Kane huge after Punk left. IMO, for the kind of shit they’ve made him do in the past (Full mask, Katie Vick, Hell No), he fucking deserves it. Kane has won 2 world titles in god knows how many years he’s performed in the ring. People bitch that guys like Punk and Bryan should be in the main event because they work their ass off, but what about this guy who doesn’t really care what Creative does to him but shows up week in week out to do it? Though my only concern is that I haven’t seen Kane execute a proper chokeslam in a long while.

    • Sir William McCormick

      Know what else I just realized, Kane has never had a legitimate Championship win in his entire career. Whenever he has won the title, it was through Taker’s interference in a First Blood Match in 98 and a MITB cash in against Mysterio. This kind of booking with him has been going on the whole time.

    • Vin Ward

      kane won 3 world titles and yes the wwecw world title still counts no matter how inferior the title seems to be.

  • Luke

    This is the smartest opinion piece I have ever seen on this site. You brought up points that were obviously right in front of me but I never bothered to think of before! Excellent work.

    • Sir William McCormick

      Like I said, once I saw it, I couldn’t unsee it. It’s crazy that even we didn’t notice this.

  • Martin Koehler

    Its because the WWE would rather push new talent than Kane, you know, talent like Cena and Lesner…*siiiiiiiigh*

  • Sean Janusonis

    Let me have my take right here. Honestly, I thought Kane should have been given a bigger push after the Rumble, regardless of the fact that I knew he was eliminating Punk from it (they showed him hiding ringside long before he popped up to eliminate Punk. Good job guys in the truck!). But the big question is, does it make sense? He spent the better part of two years being squashed by John Cena and the Shield and being in a comedy tag team with Daniel Bryan. Then he gets massacred by the debuting Wyatt family and he comes back….and we’re supposed to what care that he joined the Authority? He easily lost matches to guys like Cena and Punk and Daniel Bryan before he became the Authority’s enforcer. They could have spun him to be a big threat in Chicago with him getting rid of Punk but would it have made sense? There was no way in hell to squeeze him into anything meaningful in Mania. They needed Heyman to go out there and sell Taker versus Brock because up until then no one gave a shit about it. Brock ended the streak and I still didn’t give a shit about it. Then Kane becomes number one contender even though he hasn’t won a match in a million years against DB. He loses soundly. Then the tombstone job happens….and you think he deserves a belt? Honestly, the work Kane puts in sucks. He doles out the same shit output that Cena does….with less than average mic skills..and you’re saying he should have the belt? I don’t give a fuck that he “injured” Daniel, he didn’t win a fucking match forever. You can’t justify that that deserved a title. If anything, it should have gone on Orton since he never got his deserved one on one rematch for the title he never lost. Kane has been a stepping stone for years because they killed the mystique behind his character long ago. He can’t just be a monster and not be a monster the next second. It’s not like flipping a switch. God bless him for putting new talent over and having the common courtesy to know his time in the sun is over.

    • Sir William McCormick

      Okay, here’s how I can explain this. Sometimes all a guy needs is focus. When the powers that be are focused in on making a guy look better, he doesn’t lose all the time. Especially for a heel, people hate when they win. I talking about a situation where Kane didn’t need to beat Punk to get the heat of retiring him. A situation where Bryan got stripped and Kane didn’t have to beat him. You’d hate him because he took out two of the heroes of the roster through brutal aggression. He didn’t need to win the matches. That sounds exactly like how Kane would operate.

      Keep in mind, he has only won his championships through Taker’s interference in 98 and a MITB cash in on Mysterio. Being given a title is exactly the way Kane gets it. He’s notorious for never winning the biggest matches.

      I get what you’re saying, but when they build him as a monster heel, he doesn’t lose as much. You’d give a shit. You’d give lots of shits.

      On a separate note. why don/t you care about Lesnar breaking the streak?