Karen Jarrett Goes On Tirade Following Impact (Video)

Knockouts VP Karen Jarrett is livid over the Knockouts disobeying her orders to show more skin on last Thursday’s episode of IMPACT Wrestling and is now planning some major punishment for the ladies on next week’s show. She stopped by the IMPACT Wrestling Post Show to address her plans for next week’s show and how she has taken matters into her own hands with the Knockouts.

She vents to Jeremy Borash, “These stupid little bitches think they’re going to continue to mess with me? I tell’em to cover up, they won’t cover up. Then I tell ‘em to take it off and they put on more than what they normally wear!

“Well, you know what? They have messed with the wrong lady! One thing that they continue to forget is I’m running the show around here! They answer to me! So next week, I’m going shopping—one of my favorite things to do—and I’m gonna provide the outfits that they’re going to wear in the ring.

“They wanna play games? Game freaking on, bitches!”

Click here to watch her rant.

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