Kassius Ohno Released By The WWE – Details On His Surprising Release

WWE has released Chris Spradlin from his developmental deal this week. He was known as Kassius Ohno on NXT and Chris Hero on the independent circuit, before joining WWE.

According to reports, Ohno was released by WWE officials while waiting to begin training Friday morning at the Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

Ohno’s final appearance on NXT aired this past Wednesday, when he lost to The Wyatt Family’s Luke Harper.

Kassius Ohno has returned to using his former name Chris Hero, and Pro Wrestling Syndicate have already announced that he will be at their November 16th show in Rahway, New Jersey. His opponent for the night will be former WWE star Shane “Hurricane” Helms.

(Source: PWInsider)

  • Nick Mancuso

    Boo…. He’s quite a talent. I guess he didn’t fit into Hunter’s future schemes. A shame, but he will find success elsewhere in the world of professional wrestling.

  • Rawr

    Dear WWE,

    You suck

    sincerely, everyone

  • PhoenixDriver

    His talents would be wasted in the WWE anyways. His offense style would be quite limited. I think he’ll do good. Any place he ends up, he’ll be a star.

  • HipsterDemographic

    We all should spam HQ’s mail box with strongly worded (profanity free) letters. Just massive waves of them.

    Ohno/Hero would’ve been able to pull in an audience that would’ve made WWE a lot of money. Then again, it’s WWE. They still think Flo Rida and day time television appearances are still legitimate draws.

    Also, just thought I should share…

  • Albert T

    It ‘s a shame to see another ctalented guy get fired, but its good to know that he will survive and likely thrive, now that he’s returning to the indy circuit.

  • Jimbob Shadley

    What a joke! They keep Ryback a guy that can barely walk with out getting winded but let go of a talented guy the can put on a 25 30 60 minute match. This is a sad day but that’s wwe for ya take a guy that’s been wrestling for ten years all over the world and send him to “school” and another thing who in the blue hell came up with the name kassius ohno His Name Is CHRIS HERO AND HE THROWS ELBOWS

    • Tony Kegger

      I thought I read somewhere when he got his name that Chris Hero was one of the ones who came up with that name because the initals were K.O.

    • disqus_cmF8912gQl

      its all about presentation which clearly he lacks

  • Rick Yuhnke

    WTF? Are you kidding? This guy is so talented, but the WWE wants all of their wrestlers to look like steroided freaks. You need to be 6’5″, 280 pounds of solid muscle. Ha, yea, we all know those guys are the best wrestlers. When they can tell the difference between a wrist watch and wrist lock, then we can talk. Hero can wrestle, Trips, you dropped the ball again. Fool

  • Wrestling-Dog


  • KassiusKlutch

    Just because he isnt an ass kisser or has the physique John THE GOLDENBOY Cena they had to release him. Its Their lost for losing one on the best talents in wrestling today

  • Wrestling-Dog

    Surprised, and he was talented. But let’s face it, he was never going to draw.

  • Chris

    This a week of shitty news from WWE. Bryan being pushed down the ranks, Big Show taking over and stealing the ‘Yes’ gimmick and now this. They literally have no clue about what the fans want.

  • Willey

    so they sign The Kings of Wrestling, do not have them team, and then release Hero? maybe people can complain enough to where they hire him back like they did with Bryan

    • Justin Hinkle

      People complaining is not what brought Bryan back in WWE after he was fired. WWE always intended to bring him back, they just had to fire him to let the heat cool down from the tie incident.

  • Vanira Slush

    what a sh* -.-

  • Justin

    Good, now he can return home to ROH & the indies where he belongs & will be appreciated. Frak WWE, Frak them in their stupid faces.

  • Tamala Hale

    Oh well, release talented male performers to hire untalented female models. That’s what’s up!

  • Dan Saint

    he just wasn’t a fit. get over it. plus he didn’t do what he was told. sorry. in a job..you do what you are told or you hit the bricks. Don’t like it…STOP WATCHING and make your voice heard.