Kelly Kelly Talks About How Vince McMahon Is As a Boss, Possible WWE Return & More

– Former WWE Diva Kelly Kelly recently spoke with Josh Modaberi of Wrestling101. Here are some highlights:

Her WWE Debut: “It was very nerve wracking, I had only been signed for about a month and I was very new and I didn’t know anything. My first day on television I was so nervous and I was doing the expose thing on ECW, it was just very nerve wracking, the only thing I remember is thinking thank god it’s over after I was done.”

Working for Vince McMahon: “He is great, he was very hands on and just helped out with everything. Every week on television he was there during rehearsals, he would help us, telling us exactly what he wanted from the matches. He wanted to be personable to everyone, he is a little intimidating at times as your boss but he was great!”

Would she return to WWE: “I don’t know to be honest with you, I’m doing some acting at the moment and I’m filming a movie right now. I’m really excited to be on a new adventure but you never know, I’m only 26-years-old so who knows what is going to happen in the future.”

  • Justin Spurny

    Definitely miss her.

  • nsuviolin

    No-no, Kelly…the division is bad enough right now without you. Don’t need you coming back and making it even worse.

    • Owolaranfe Celestial Taiyelolu

      What do you mean fella?

    • Lupe

      we need her back wat u tlking about the div a division is pretty lame we usually just see Aj skip around the ring Lame!!!! we need Kelly Kelly back

  • Michael Lui

    truly miss her, would love her to come back and join total divas.

  • Owolaranfe Celestial Taiyelolu

    Let your dreams speak Diva Kelly!

    …i can soar!

  • True Patriot

    I’d do her

  • RynoJordan23

    Vince was hands on with a Diva? No way!

  • Brandon Roberts

    i like kelly kelly and i think they could use her to debut paige having paige go from kind and freindly to extremely psychopathic in a manner of seconds destroying kelly kelly