Kevin Nash Possibly Injured At Night Of Champions

As we reported here on last week, Kevin Nash made a surprise appearance at WWE’s Night of Champions pay-per-view. Nash appeared during the main event match between Triple H and CM Punk.

After Triple H attacked Kevin Nash with a sledgehammer, Michael Cole (who had lost his voice at that point) was seen writing something on a piece of paper and showing it to Jerry Lawler. Lawler then showed the paper to members of the WWE crew who then ran to the backstage area.

Following the main event, Nash remained on the floor until a member of the WWE crew came down to check on him. They did the “X” symbol and other officials came over to check on Nash, who eventually got to his feet and has helped to the back by officials.

Nash has been injury prone in recent years and many in the company had doubts as to whether he was able to compete in a full match and remain healthy.

We’ll be following up on this story and hope to have an update later this week.