Kevin Nash Talks Barrett Not Selling, Leaving TNA, & More

Kevin “Diesel” Nash was a guest on the XPac Show with Sean Waltman this week. The show airs every Wednesday night at 7pm EST on As always, Nash is very candid with his opinions on pretty much everything.

Regarding his recent TNA departure, Sean Waltman asks Kevin what TNA was thinking planning out this big Angle (the “They” storyline) without having the core guys under contract. Nash admits to signing with TNA in early-January, but after watching a few of the storylines unfold, including the segment where Angle dominates all members of Immortal and Abyss falling over on top of the entrance ramp, he decided there wasn’t any reason for him to return.

Shortly after watching that edition of Impact, Nash and his wife both decided that going back to TNA wasn’t in his best interest. Follow that with a call from WWE’s John Laurinaitis (Executive Vice President of Talent Relations), the decision to back out of of his TNA contract and return to the WWE was an easy one to make.

Waltman rags on Wade Barrett for not selling Nash’s first shot when Diesel entered the Royal Rumble. Nash really didn’t respond too much to that (Waltman really didn’t give him much of a chance to), but did say that John Cena told him backstage that he could do pretty much what he wanted to out there.

Sean Waltman isn’t going to win any awards for “Best Radio Host” anytime soon, but the conversation between two friends and more importantly, two veterans in the wrestling business, was definitely entertaining.