Kevin Owens Reflects On Being Part Of Daniel Bryan’s In-Ring Return Storyline

Kevin Owens was interviewed by Inside the Ropes to talk about a wide range of topics.During the interview, he was asked about being a part of the Daniel Bryan return angle earlier this year leading into WrestleMania 34. Here is what he had to say (H/T to Wrestlezone):

“I mean I think it could have went many ways, but obviously the end game of that storyline being Daniel Bryan’s return is better than anything I could have imagined. In terms of for Bryan himself, for Daniel Bryan to step back into the ring was an amazing thing right? And in terms of the WWE and wrestling in general to get one of the greatest performers alive today back, is huge. Of all the ways it [the storyline] could have worked out, that’s pretty much the best outcome possible. So of course I’m happy. And you know, I’m glad to see he’s back and he’s still the same Daniel Bryan he was and it’s like those years off never happened, honestly.”